New Years Eve—Pengilly’s Saloon—With Ryan Bayne, Sam Alkire, Bruce Alkire and Jason Beek

Saturday January 19th—Cinder Wines—Hillfolk Noir’s Winter Warmer—Charlie Sutton with Sam Alkire 7pm

Wednesday January 23rd—Highland’s Hollow—with Sam Alkire 6-9pm

Friday January 25th—Pengilly’s Saloon—C/S and the Scavengers featuring Jason Beek on drums 9-1pm

Tuesday February 19th—The Local—Charlie Sutton with Sam Alkire 6-8pm

Saturday March 9th— Pengilly’s Saloon—C/S and the Scavengers featuring Jason Beek (drums) and

Adam Straubinger (fiddle) 9-1pm

Wednesday March 20th- Treefort music festival at The Olympic featuring

Adam Straubinger (fiddle) Erik Elmer (Upright) Mike Rundle (drums)


Saturday March 23rd, Treefort music festival at The Modern Hotel with Adam Straubinger


Wednesday March 20th--Treefort Music festival at Pengilly’s Saloon supporting Ryan Bayne on

Electric Guitar 9-9:35pm

Friday March 29th—Clairvoyant Brewery—Charlie Sutton and Travis Ward 7-9pm

Monday April 8th—Payette Brewery fundraiser with Heather Meulman TBA

Tuesday April 9th—The Local—with Sam Alkire 6-8pm

Thursday April 18th—Downtown Lewiston Idaho’s Earth Day fest 4:30-7pm Charlie Sutton Trio featuring Sam Alkire and Mike Rundle

Friday April 19th—Clairvoyant Brewery—Charlie Sutton and Travis Ward 7-9pm

Sunday April 21-Charlie Sutton live on 89.9 Radio Boise/ Spoonful’s radiothon 11:00am

Friday May 3rd—Capital High’s plant sale 2-5pm

Saturday May 4th—Charlie Sutton Trio at the Mystic Cafe/Lewiston, Idaho 7-9pm

Sunday May 5th—Charlie Sutton Trio at Moscow, Idaho’s Renaissance Fair 10:30- 11:15am

Saturday May 11th-Charlie Sutton Trio at Crusty’s Pizza in McCall, Id

Wednesday May 22—Solo gig opening for Jamie Lin Wilson at The Olympic 8pm

Wednesday June 12th—Charlie Sutton at Lost Grove Brewing 8-10pm

Sunday June 30th—Charlie Sutton with Margo Cilker & Carson McHone at The Neurolux 8pm

Saturday July 6th—Charlie Sutton Trio/ Connor Jay Lies at Pengilly’s Saloon 9pm

July 10th—Charlie Sutton Trio/ Adam Straubinger at Funky Taco 8pm

Friday July 12th—Sawtooth Hotel-Charle Sutton Trio 7pm

July 26th— Charlie solo gig—Mad Swede Brewery, Boise, 7—9pm

August 3rd—Charlie solo gig/ ART SHOW- The Congress, Palouse, Wa 6pm

August 17th—Charlie Sutton with Sam Alkire— The Local, Boise, 6-8pm

August 24th—Charlie Sutton with Sam Alkire—Side A Brewery—La Grande, OR 7-9 PM

August 30th—Charlie Sutton 4-piece band Private party Boise

August 31st—Charlie Sutton Trio—Garden City Experience—4-6pm

September 6th— Charlie Sutton at Clairvoyant Brewery 8-10pm

September 7th—Charlie solo gig-The Potlatch Train Depot:Historic Graffiti Society Mark of the Tramp TBA

September 14th— Little Beaver Creek Folk Gathering, Boise National Forest TBA

September 19th—Charlie solo gig—Capital Bar, Boise, ID 7—9pm

October 12th—Charlie Sutton Trio at Barley Brown’s in Baker City, OR 8-11pm




Photo by Steve Strickland— Treefort music festival 2019