All Songs written by Charlie Sutton and performed by *C/S and the Scavengers or Charlie Sutton with the exception of "I Guess Things Happen That Way"(5) by Jack Clement and "Lonesome Drive"(7) by Ryan Curtis.                                           

  • 1. Ritchey Bikes  dropper seat post video featuring, *"Meat Boy" 2. "Idaho 12vers" by Mark Ortiz was accepted into the 2017 Winter Wildlife Alliance Backcountry Film Festival, featuring, * "Bacon & Beans","No Good Son" and * "Whiskey Rain". 3. "Man of the House" by Ezra Hereth featuring "Milkman's Son" and * "Meat Boy". 4. * "No Good Son", filmed by C/S and the Scavengers and edited by Dru Myers. 5. Sun Valley promotional video featuring C/S and the Scavengers performing a cover of "I Guess things Happen that way" written by Jack Clement. 6. A film by Erik Jakobson shot at Mary Jane's Farm featuring "Green Mountains".  7/8.  Freehub Magazine videos featuring songs by C/S and the Scavengers: * "That's All",  * "Scavenger" and "Lonesome Drive" (written by Ryan Curtis) with Charlie Sutton on Banjo.